The Learning Trees goal is to provide the best quality care to children. We do this by providing a caring, nurturing, and safe educational environment. We believe our program has achieved the proper balance between academics and play. We believe in playing for the simple fun of it, as part of the child’s overall learning experience. We understand the stress of working parents and ensure that your child is well cared for in a safe and happy environment. We have a structured day of developmentally appropriate activities which will help your child to grow emotionally, socially and physically.

Our teachers are chosen for their dedication to young children. They respect them and love working with them, helping them to grow and adjust to the various stages of their lives. Our main focus is on your child’s self-esteem, as a solid foundation for his/her development. We stress positive reinforcement, praise, and recognition. We emphasize the importance of a good self image that your child carries through life should be a positive one. We believe that through caring, listening, sharing, understanding and loving, we can enhance your child’s self-esteem so that he/she may look at the world and see endless possibilities and face every new challenge with excitement and confidence.

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